Latest Cosmetics Road Test

Every day you wake up and start the same routine, ending goal is to be attractive - perhaps more attractive than yesterday. Maybe you've put on some mascara, maybe some gloss and some blush and look exactly the same as you do every day. From time to time, it's time for an overhaul to keep your beauty and fresh look today. This composition is bold and dramatic season. Here are our favorite tried to add some color to your seriously sexy look:

Wet / Dry Eyeshadow:

Try Bourjois eye shadows wet and dry. See what a little water will look em dead-Nock.

Glitter eyeshadow:

Try some powder eyeshadow Manic Panic. These richly satisfying long shadows port are filled with pigment and glitter microphone. Buy a single color or paint pallet box.

Colored mascara:

Be adventurous and try some Stargazer Mascara. A variety of colors available. Colors such as turquoise, purple, red, white, blue and pink. If you want a touch of color on the tabs, it applies only at the tips.

3D Mascara:

Have you seen the last of Revlon mascara? It's called Extreme 3D and give your lashes extreme fullness. If the drama is what you want, you - and more curves more visible tabs. Do not cake or flake and also comes in waterproof.

Mood Swing Lip Gloss:

This must change your mood. Too Faced door "mood swings", a lip gloss with a secret blend of oils and extracts to help keep lips soft and supple, rejuvenated and protected from the sun. I am sure that rings to remind the state of mind "the 90's that was always the same dark color, but do not worry - your lips look nothing but trouble.

Calm and Shine Lipstick:

the lip of the store front to look and feel as well. They soothe the lips and make them shine. They contain antioxidants, essential oils, and provide sun protection.

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